Need a Last Minute Getaway?

There are times throughout the year when work is hectic, the weather is brutal, or stress is just building up. When that happens, something as simple as a quick getaway can relax the mind and rejuvenate the body. Finding affordable spa breaks can be just the thing to remedy the situation.

A Wide Variety of Packages and Options

A spa break can be anything from a discounted night at a hotel that offers relaxing leisure facilities and breakfast to a luxurious weekend at a four- or five-star spa resort. Packages and deals also fall within those two extremes. Hen parties, themed nights, golfing, and spa treatments can all be arranged at price points that can fit into most budgets.


For those who desperately need some pampering but cannot get away overnight, spa days are also available at low prices. A half day can consist of a thirty-minute massage, a facial, and lunch. Full days at several spas throughout the UK are also offered. That is the perfect opportunity to treat Mum and catch up at the same time. His and her days are also available in the many types of packages offered.

Where to Go?

There are dozens of places to go in nine major areas. Spas and hotels are available in Scotland, the North West, North East, Central England, London, South East, South West, Wales, and the Isle of Wight. Browse the website to get help and advice regarding selections, view pictures of all the available accommodations and spas, and get details of exactly what is included in the package desired. Booking is fast and easy.

Gift Vouchers Available

Any package can be sent out as a gift voucher to the specified address. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, graduations, and a gift for the expectant mother are all great opportunities to surprise someone with pampering. All vouchers are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. That gives recipients plenty of time to take advantage of the voucher.

Treat Yourself

Do not forget to book a day or mini break for yourself. Go with a friend, two friends, or an entire group. Return refreshed and ready to take on the world come Monday.


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